Saturday, April 16, 2011

Uh.. Horse Knowledge..?

I lied two nights back about making two posts. Not really, I just mysteriously ran out of time.
And tonight, suddenly I no longer have time to make a long post about horses, so instead I'll talk about sewing.

My mom has taught me how to sew over the years, and lately I've begun to get into it a little more. This year I made three skirts to wear to school (well, I only wear two of them, but oh well). I decided last week that I'd like to make some dresses to wear, and not necessarily at school. To this end, I just bought two pattern books with some cool ideas. One of them has one dress in it, but includes several other patterns I'd love to try. The other is about bags. What I'd like to know is if anyone has any dress patterns that they know of that I might look at.

Yesterday evening I made a planner case, for those nice leather planners that you don't want to scratch. I was hoping it would fit my journal but it was a little too short. It ended up being a gift for someone, and I'm making a new one for myself.

I have more homework to do so I'll stop rambling. But tomorrow be prepared for a long, long photo post from New England and today.


  1. "Mysteriously ran out of time" = procrastinated, amirite? ;)

    And you better let me borrow some of those patterns!

  2. Uh... maybe? At least it wasn't on homework, right?

    Okay, okay! :D You get to see my journal case in person on Monday, then you can decide whether or not you *really* want to borrow them.

  3. Riiight.

    Yes! And oh, I'll definitely want to borrow it. I may even steal it. (Actually, forget I said that last thing.)

  4. that's so great you're able to make things like that. i wish i had a useful skill like sewing. always wanted to learn but never got around to doing it properly :-(