Sunday, April 3, 2011

Ethereal Fire and Earth

I have more pictures of Fire and Earth as promised. Unfortunately they are a little bit blurry--I still haven't quite gotten the hang of keeping the camera still.


I have yet to come up with original names for these two, so any suggestions are appreciated!

Last post I said I might have a palominos with white markings in my future. (That's a little redundant because palominos have to have white manes and tails, but whatever.) Now you get to learn about it!
It is the Just About Horses Special Run, a dappled palomino with sabino markings on the Wintersong mold. He's called Pamplemousse, or "Grapefruit" in French. And he's glossy. I still have to decide if I really, really want him or not... but I think I may be leaning toward yes.
Breyer stock photo:
Someone really needs to tie my hands. My shelves are already getting full... haha.


  1. Grapefruit... :3

    And I can definitely help you with names for the new models tomorrow! They look beautiful, by the way.