Monday, April 18, 2011

The Shedding Monster

You'll learn who the shedding monster is later, though I'm sure you can guess already.

But first, I'm going to show off my journal cover. It's not the best--I have never been even close to good with bias tape and I probably never will be. Still, I like it. Oh, and the stitching on the ribbon is white intentionally! Even though it is a little "unsightly," I like the contrast.
Without Flash (sorry it's blurry!)

With flash
 Now some pictures of the endlessly handsome and shedding Jones--the shedding monster. I can't wait until mid-summer when he has lost all the extra hair and is silky smooth again!
Looking remorseful... wonder what he did?!

I guess you can't see his fuzz from these pictures, but he is shedding like crazy!

I don't have time to upload and post the pictures from the northeast, so I may put them up next time I have nothing else to say.

One more thing! I finally figured out how to make the entire blog wider, so the photo size is going up! No more clicking to see better (but you can still do that if you like). Hope you like it!

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  1. The journal cover looks awesome, Eva! :) And Daisy is a shedding monster, too.