Wednesday, May 16, 2012


It is currently storming where I live, and I don't mean any puny little spring drizzle. We're having a full-blown spring thunderstorm complete with rain pounding down in sheets, huge bolts of lighting that bring false daylight for half-seconds at a time, and enormous claps of thunder that set the entire dorm squealing. I'm talking pathways turned into rivers, hail, and a message from the deans to stay indoors until the storm has passed.

All of this is actually wonderful in my opinion, except for the fact that I'm not allowed to go outside and run around in the rain until I'm soaked to the skin and need a towel before I'm allowed back inside. That's one of the best parts of a thunderstorm, of course--getting caught in it. I love being outdoors in a thunderstorm or at least a hard rain, especially at night.

I have very fond memories of storms such as these. The most recent happened a year or two ago at the Austin staple, The Hula Hut restaurant. Part of the restaurant is on a pier out on Lake Austin, and at that time the roof of said outdoor section was in fairly poor repair. It started to pour, and despite the old doors that had been placed on rafters underneath leaks, presumably to prevent water from dripping on the heads of unsuspecting customers, we were all getting pretty wet. A tornado warning had gone out that evening. The patrol on the water was shooing all boats off of the normally busy lake and into the many public docks nearby. Through all of this, our party remained at the restaurant to finish our meal. When the time came to leave, we remembered that our car was parked in a lot that seemed increasingly distant. We would have to go get it. At first my dad was the only one supposed to fetch the car, but my sister and I decided to accompany him. Rain is fun! I fondly remember running through torrents of water on the pavement, splashing through large puddles (I was only wearing flip-flops on my feet), and eventually making it through some very muddy patches of grass to the car. My mom was very pleased to see us bring the car up the door of the Hula Hut.

It's because of situations like that, as well as memories of heavy rains at summer camp, that make me wish that I could just go outside right now and get soaked. Unfortunately that won't happen because of the deans and their safety-consciousness. Pfft. Who needs it?

Luckily, I did get to be outside today. This afternoon was actually surprisingly beautiful. Two of my closest friends and I went outside to study under the big tree near our dorm. I didn't get much homework done, but that's okay. I brought my camera! And thank goodness, my friends are willing models.

One of our friends came by on the way back from dinner and told us we looked like hipsters. At the time one of us was drawing, one was writing, and I was laying on my back taking pictures of the tree and its new foliage in a very relaxed manner.

We all had a great time hanging out. Even my rather more shy friend modeled for me, which is rare.

I'd say she's pretty darn good at it.

The storm has subsided, so I guess there's no chance that I'll be able to go outside and run around in the rain. Darn it! Oh well... maybe this summer there will be more storms for me to take advantage of.

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