Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Interesting Topics

Lately this blog has been somewhat dead, and I think the way to revive it would be to start posting about things that are interesting. You know, other than my scintillating personal life. I'm currently wracking my brain to think of any topics about which I could write that don't involve updates on my daily routine. Of course I could regale the small viewership I have with tales of my childhood, but I doubt if many would appreciate stories of how I gave my sister and her friend (and my mom's embroidery) haircuts, or how I almost inadvertently caused an "international incident" as an innocent youngling, or how my sister and I explored the hill behind our condo in Wyoming and quite possibly almost ran into a moose in the gathering dusk (We had some wonderful adventures on that bluff, let me tell you--maybe this summer we'll be able to relive them. Or I will. Isabel's not very enthusiastic about exploring these days).

This isn't the moose we think we almost ran into at Ironrock, but it's cute.

In any case, in an effort to increase reader satisfaction, I would love to hear your suggestions for what you'd like to see on the blog! I'm going to make an attempt to post regularly, but I'd prefer to have something good to post about.

More moose photos are never a bad thing.

Among other news... I have one and a half weeks of classes left! And after that comes one week of exams, made less stressful because I only have two real exams and two art classes. Tomorrow I'll be deciding where to live next year, and on Saturday is the last track meet of the season. Hopefully I'll be well enough recovered and able to run the 800 that day and finish out the season on a good note. Also, once school is out, I'm going to Uruguay for five weeks with a school program to live with a family there and be totally immersed. I'm looking forward to learning a LOT of Spanish--the more the better. Until next time...

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