Monday, January 9, 2012

News from the Farm

It's been a while since I've posted, and since then I have returned to school. I'm taking all new classes except for Health, which include Honors Geometry, Spanish 3, Digital Photography 1, and Visual Arts Foundations. But I don't have any pictures from any of those (I will have some from Photography soon, hopefully!). I do have many developments from the farm to report.

First, Eliza gave birth to twins the day after I left school. Their names are Ricky and Pete, and of course I have photos of them. They are named after a security guard and P&P man who help out at the farm quite a bit.



We also took out the team--Roca and Kate--with the wagon on Sunday. It took us more time to harness than it did to actually drive them up to Wallace and back, but that was due to sizing issues and the next time should go more smoothly. Although they were kind of butts on the ground while we were harnessing, they are great when they're in harness and pulling. Of course, Kara was left behind and NOT happy about it, but she gets all the attention when I'm in the saddle so she shouldn't be complaining. Maybe.

Roca is on the left, and Kate is on the right.

Look forward to more photos soon!

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