Sunday, August 15, 2010

So. I'm actually going to keep this updated.

I've decided to try to keep this updated because, well, why not? It might be fun. Basically this is just a journal, but online where everyone can read it, plus I might do things like post updates on my model horse tack business or have "memories of the week" (basically just asking my parents/sister/friends if they have any interesting memories they don't want to get lost.

I'm going to post every week at least, or try to. I'm going into 8th grade, though, so I might miss a few once in a while--my friend who's going into 9th this year claims that sometimes there are 4 hours of homework in one night! And I've certainly heard plenty of other nightmare stories. So we'll see if I can multitask and write a blog, keep up my GPA, ride, do athletics, and have fun with friends on a regular basis this year. It may be tough...

Yes, I do ride horses, as you might have guessed. I actually own one, a chestnut Thoroughbred called Jones (registered as Street Flair and shown as Catch Phrase) who I ride at local schooling shows. I love him muchly but I'm still looking for another horse. Why? It's my goal to make it to Nationals at 3' (I ride Hunters) and Jones really isn't going to be the horse to take me there. I mean, I have to face the fact that he's 14 years old, lazy, fat, with messy knees over fences and he's not Nationals material. So even though I may not like it, we're probably going to have to either sell him or give him to my sister if I get a new horse before I go to high school.

And that's another thing--I'm going to be applying to and visiting boarding schools this year. I'd love to stay at home because there's an absolute ton of stuff I could accomplish here but none of the schools have the academics (or the riding program) that I'm looking for. My current situation is that I have to sqeeze in riding whenever I can, something that's going to be even harder this year with the new policy of four days a week of athletics or PE. I don't want to be doing that. I want to be able to ride as part of my curriculum. And of course, my middle school (and the high school attached) doesn't allow doing things like riding or dance in place of PE. They're afraid people would fake it. I don't see the point so I'm going to present a PowerPoint to the principal about it (cross your fingers for me).
But at the boarding schools I'm looking at (all except Exeter) there are riding programs built in. A big YES to those schools. My dad prefers that I go to Exeter instead of a place like Stoneleigh-Burnham or Dana Hall or Foxcroft and he says that academics come first. Which, yes, is the most important thing. But it would take away from my academics if I had to squeeze riding in with my homework rather than have it built in. Right?

Anyway, I still have to make a list of schools to visit. I think Foxcroft or SBS are my favorites, but we'll see when we get there. Tuition is also an issue. I already asked for info and got the packets but forgot to say that I'd be applying for financial support or scholarships or anything, so I'm going to have to ask again and really get my head in the game. Darn.

But right now I'm on summer break, so I'll try not to worry too much about that.

I'm going into town now with my mom and sister so I'll edit this later to finish up.


Okay, I'm back. Well, actually I'm not--I'm at the library in town where they have the 15 minute first-come-first-served computers. The Backspace key is sticky so I have to try not to misspell anything or be extremely annoyed.

Anyway, we're in town to go to the Wildlife Art museum and go shopping for sweatshirts, sweatpants, and other forms of extremely comfy clothing. I'll update you on what we get when I get back to the other computer because my 15 minutes is up and the library closes in 15 minutes. AKA, they're going to kick everyone out extremely soon. Back in maybe 2 hours!


I'm really, really back this time! And we got sweatshirts at the local Shirt Off My Back, the omnipotent t-shirt souvenir shop. Mine is really comfy even though it's not 100% cotton (so it softens more with age) but it's close--80%. Sigh. It's brown with blue letters on it, not saying what they are though (stalkers and all that). So I'm probably going to be, like, living in this sweatshirt and my camp sweatshirt. Plus maybe the Jump and Dressage sport shirts I got from Ponybox (if you don't know what that is, it's an extremely addictive horse SIM. I'm Lioness on the Morgan server, if you wanted to know. And Evita on PB3. Yes, I can see you all rolling your eyes right now. Too bad for you, it really is fun. And so is Howrse, if you were wondering.

I've decided to post more than once a week if I feel like it. And if I have time. (Somehow I doubt it.) This is really, really addictive.

Aaaannnndddd if you read all of that, here's a cookie from me. Merry Christmas.


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